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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Accenture


Business Technology -Graduate program

Accenture invests in the future and encourages innovation: I believe investing in young talent is crucial for prolonged and continual development and innovation. Personal development and the constant strive for improvement is a strong belief of mine.

Accenture commits to clients with long-term resolve to unswervingly deliver value: Working on solutions and committedly seeing challenges through to the end is something that motivates me. Consistency in delivering value and maintaining professional integrity gives me an inner satisfaction in my daily life. Accenture has over 90 clients that have been with them for more than 10 years which is a pure validation of Accenture’s strong relationships with clients

Accenture focuses on attracting the best caliber of people: Working with people who are motivated and driven to be the best inspires me. I believe that team work, support and encouragement are key to achieving the best results and providing the best service for clients

Accenture operates as a strong global unity, collaborating efficiently as one worldwide team delivering consistent high performance

Accenture publications and online insights all accentuate the inimitable involvement of passionate and motivated individuals working together within a global network delivering consistent innovative services

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