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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Accenture



I am writing to you because I feel that my educational background, work experience and personal characteristics all together make me a suitable candidate for an internship position with Accenture. I want to work for a consulting firm that works closely with its clients from strategy to implementation. Through meeting and talking to Accenture employees, I have found that this is the case at Accenture. Furthermore, I have become very impressed with Accenture’s fun, humble and ambitious culture, and how responsibility is given at an early stage of an employee’s career, allowing for a steep learning curve. I would like to briefly introduce myself below thereby show you why I am a strong candidate for the job.

I am currently studying the Economics masters program at the X. The program has been extremely interesting so far and I believe it will deepen my already existing interest in market behavior and strategic issues. In parallel with my studies at SSE I have worked as a part-time analyst for Y. The position has been challenging and required a high workload, but in spite of this I find the work stimulating and believe that it adds a practical perspective to my understanding of strategic problem solving. Furthermore, it has convinced me that a fast paced project-based organization focusing on strategic problems would be a very good fit considering my skills, background and interests. Balancing full-time master studies with the position as part-time analyst has taught me how to manage my time effectively but also how to be efficient in the tasks and responsibilities I undertake.

Prior to joining X I graduated from Z with a double bachelors degree, one in Economics and one in Business Administration, following my belief that Business and Economics go hand in hand. Throughout my time at Z and afterwards, I have tried to stimulate my curiosity by exploring new environments in global contexts as can be seen in my resume. Gaining experience abroad has taught me adaptability, patience and intangible social skills that will prove essential in any aspect of life. On a more personal note I have always been involved in extracurricular activities. In parallel with my studies at Z I was active in the student union holding positions such as “Head of Accounting and Establishment”. Through this, I have learned how to work in teams, distribute my time effectively, and also how to be a leader in various situations.

So to summarize, I am a humble and ambitious person who loves working with different people in a project-based environment. I want to learn more about strategy consulting, how to truly understand a clients needs and how to work with them to achieve their goals. Based on my own research and meeting with your employees, I believe Accenture is the best place for me to further develop within strategy consulting and fully utilize my skills. Furthermore, I reason that the digital tools that are invading the business environment will significantly change the way people work, communicate and sell. Thus, I believe that 2015 will see the continuing growth of Accenture’s digital capability, helping organizations transform their business by providing advice on strategy and supporting the organization in executing that strategy. I want to be in the forefront of this digital transformation and I am confident that Accenture will take the lead. I would love a chance to further present myself and show you why I should be a part of Accenture. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. 

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