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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Aetna


Data Analyst

Director, Internships

Dear Sir or Madam

I would like to speak with you regarding a Summer Internship. After a thorough job search and discussion with my university career advice counselor, I have come to a conclusion that my strengths and enthusiasm highly complement with your company’s value and intensity levels. I would like to be considered for a Summer Internship that requires refined analytical and communication skills.

My Masters in Business analytics and project management has prepared me with the necessary skills required. As part of my course work, I used the SAS and JMP statistical software to download, clean and fit models in my academic data projects. I also used my programming skills in SQL to develop and maintain a database. Excel was used to make a retirement financial report using the analytic solver add- in and the various inbuilt functions.

My leadership when I was the Vice President - Finance of the student club for an year, and working as a club member for three consecutive years have enabled me to competently utilize my attention to detail and organization while providing exemplary results. My former club mates and juniors can attest to my motivation, loyalty, and service and affirm that they have trusted me with increasing amounts of responsibility. I also developed time management skills and the ability to multi-task between club work and my academics in my undergrad university and almost importantly, leadership taught me to maintain a cool head during high pressure positions.

I am convinced that I will be an asset to your establishment. My qualifications are an excellent fit with the needs of your firm. In summation, my strong dedication to attaining excellence and my dedication to continually increase my knowledge and education cannot but contribute toyour company’scontinued prosperity.

I am eager to take this challenge of interning with you. If I am felt as a valuable candidate then, please feel free to reach me by telephone at 860-977-1257.


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