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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Airbus


Structures Graduate

I wish to be considered for the Structures Engineering Graduate Programme at the Airbus Group. I am currently in my final year at the University of Bristol reading MEng in Aeronautical Engineering. I am seeking my first role in the aerospace industry and enclose my CV for your perusal.

I am keen to join a group that continues to expand globally by designing, developing and manufacturing the products that it is known for. By working in a diverse team, I feel that I will learn more about different cultures and be a part in growing the group’s international presence. As the Airbus Group is targeting emerging markets such as India, the Middle East and North Africa, this will contribute to further internationalisation and make for a better future, something that I would honoured to be a part of. What makes Airbus different from other employers is the family feel amongst employees. Platforms such as OpenLine give employees the chance to speak up and let their voices be heard.

Joining the Airbus Group would give me the once in a lifetime opportunity of being involved in innovate projects and concepts for future aircraft fleet, this is essential in a world of growing passenger demand. The Electric E-Fan Aircraft is just one of the current revolutionary programmes that is in progress. This concept could potentially make for a new era in aviation where silent, CO2 free-flight could well be a reality.

My interest in the Structures programme stems from my love of working with formulae and numbers and my proficiency in Finite Element Analysis software. Therefore, I have recently taken up a Structures role in my final year as part of a group project entailing the design of a new “Middle of the Market” aircraft to fit into the Boeing production line in the medium-range market sector for an expected entry into service of 2025, a project that has been set and is to be assessed by Airbus. This project will give me an idea of the design process that goes into creating new aircraft, an aspect that I have always found intriguing. From a Structures point of view, I believe that I will gain some valuable knowledge into the methodology behind the creation of a structurally sound aircraft. For me, these sorts of projects are the reason I wanted to study aerospace in the first place. The idea of having this project being assessed by experts is scary but at the same time a great challenge. Being on the Graduate Programme at the Airbus Group would give me the opportunity of applying the knowledge I have attained from studying aerospace to real-life designs, further attracting me to this employment opportunity.

Furthermore, I believe I possess the key competencies that would be applicable to the Structures role. Last year, I was the leader of an Aerodynamics team that were tasked with designing the Rear Wing of the Bristol Electric Racing Car as part of the University’s entry into the Formula Student 2015 event. From this experience, I learnt how to take on the responsibility of leading a team, this involved communicating with the other members of the team and listening to their ideas before coming to any conclusions. In a separate case, I conducted the initial research for my individual project and then wrote a report based on my findings. A key aspect on this project was to was work independently, this meant that I had to manage my time well and ensure that I wasn’t diverging away from my objectives. The written report gave the chance to present my findings within a page limit, this showed me how to be both concise and thorough when writing. These skills match with those that the Airbus Group is looking for in graduates and hence make me a suitable candidate for this particular position.

I hope to be a part of the Airbus Group in the very near future and will most certainly bring my never say never attitude to ensure that I succeed on the Graduate Programme.

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