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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Airbus


Aeronautical Engineering

Studying for this degree is a passport for me into a career that is beyond the conventional and one that will literally help me reach for the sky. To me aeronautics is a vast global industry that has not only shrunk the planet but also brought immense social and economic benefits to mankind. I have always had a passion for flights and engineering, and in my opinion this is one of the most diverse, technically advanced, challenging and exciting industries to be in.

The benefits of having a aeronautical degree cannot be over emphasised, apart from providing a sound basis for employment, it is a subject that will help me to turn my ideas into reality through the principles of science and technology. The aerospace industry provides an excellent environment for innovation, superb career opportunities in both the technical and managerial sectors. In my opinion there are very few industries like this which can attract the most talented individuals, and which offer such varied and rewarding career opportunities that involve leading-edge technology.
I consider myself to be a intelligent individual, excellent team player, keen on challenges, self-motivated, innovative and a lateral thinker. I possess the capacity for highly technical and analytical thinking, and am a proven technical problem solver, with the ability to analyse, interpret and evaluate data as well as come up with new ideas. I possess superb self management skills which allow me to work effectively on my own or as part of a group. Having an aptitude for science with an inquiring, creative and inventive mind and a capacity for details. I also have superb oral and written communication skills along the ability to explain complicated ideas in simple language for report writing or to express design plans to colleagues or technicians.

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