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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Al-Hassanein company enterprise


Business Analyst

Dear Mr. Crock, 

I am applying for your position, as i consider it very important . A) designing the capacity, B) moving from different perspective. As such, In 1976 Edward Said published his groundbreaking book “Orientalism”, attacking the world of Orientalist studies launching the debate on the role of intellectuals of fashioning the justification for the imperial drive to dominate the Middle East. Therefore, being an analyst in this previous company, with 7 years of expreicne .  Ever since, it has become a commonplace to look for academics and their theories lurking behind the decisions and actions of politicians and national leaders. In this “war of choice and not of necessity”, George Bush’s favorite academics drew their inspirations from radical conservatism and unapologetic defense of mainly American values. Those academics, such as Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami just to mention a few, depicted the Middle Eastern culture as reactionary, anti-modern and even nihilistic culture. Let me before going further in this lecture quote from one of Bernard Lewis book where he said at the height of the imperial domination in the Middle East in the 1950’s . 

Thank you for your time, and dont hesitate to contact me .


Cracker Johsnon 

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