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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Allianz Global Investors


Graduate Programme – Investment Management

As a one-year MSc student in Investment Management at the Cass Business School London, I would like to be considered for your Graduate Programme in Investment Management at AllianzGI. Therefore, I am pleased to enclose a copy of my CV for your consideration.

Through conversations with a current graduate, I’ve come to believe that your hallmark “Understand. Act.” philosophy, as well as the exciting, team-based environment, make AllianzGI a very strong fit for me, both culturally and professionally. I am also impressed by your effective investment process, implementing a diversified and active investing strategy. As a strong advocate of identifying future trends and patterns, I believe that active management will yield higher risk-adjusted returns instead of passively awaiting market movements. During my role as a research assistant, I was working on gathering research in order to build a model on an active trading strategy, recognising the importance of the “Understand” part in a problem. I am eager to utilise my understanding and “Act.” by applying my existing knowledge within the role.

Consequently, I am highly motivated by a career in investment management as it unites the flexibility of safeguarding portfolios across several asset classes with the direct involvement in financial markets. The different mechanisms involved in each asset class and the volatility of financial markets create unique dynamics, which I find highly fascinating. By investing and being involved in the markets you are at the epicentre of global events, and anything that affects the economy is relevant to your work. I believe that I can best leverage my skills when a task requires me to analyse complex patterns in order to lead to decision-making processes that have a crucial impact. Additionally, I am eager to work in an environment where I can show involvement in projects from conception to conclusion and where the pressures and rewards are immediate.

I feel that my academic background, in addition to my work experience, has prepared me well for this position at AllianzGI. In my current MSc my market insights and investing abilities are constantly put to the test, through empirical coursework and real-life simulations. My most recent role as a research assistant has provided me with an abundance of opportunities to define and solve problems, set and achieve goals, and strengthen my analytical abilities. I learned to read and analyse scientific literature and data, and to connect them to my specific research. Prior to this role, I was employed as a junior accountant. In this effort, I honed my ability to make good decisions, plan and organise my time, and developed sound communications skills. Corresponding key business issues between two branches required me to be highly communicative with all stakeholders involved, in order to build effective liaisons and solve complex financial transactions. Whether in an office or at the university as a student coordinator, I have gained a strong work ethic and a commitment to teamwork. My leadership activities have helped me develop the ability to collaborate with a diverse group of gifted peers in order to succeed and leverage our best. Finally, I bring an entrepreneurial spirit and innovation to this position, as evidenced by my experience as a co-founder of an ecommerce business earlier this year. I am eager to utilise and expand the skills I have acquired by making an investment in your firm.

I hope that my enthusiasm for the Graduate Programme is conveyed in this application. Thank you for your time and consideration, I look forward to hearing from you and discussing my application in greater depth. 

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