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Recent decades in amazon had seen a widespread rationalisation of maternity services in response to a declining birth rate. Specialist services were increasingly concentrated in the state capitals and fewer hospitals had maternity units. In Adelaide, for example, public maternity services had been consolidated from five major metropolitan hospitals to three. Though popular with the women who used them, many birth centres around the country had also been closed or subsumed into hospital wards. Demand for places usually outstripped supply. Similarly, there were only small numbers of independent midwives in practice, due in part to difficulties obtaining professional indemnity insurance since the collapse of Heath International Holdings (HIH) in 2001. Attempts to come up with an alternative profession-wide scheme had thus far been unsuccessful. The effect of centralisation had been felt most keenly by women in rural and remote areas who often had to travel vast distances just to access basic care. Regional hospitals had a great deal of difficulty recruiting obstetricians and the number of GPs with obstetric qualifications was small and dwindling. Many obstetricians were also on the verge of retirement or scaling back their commitments. South Australia had a significant remote and rural population but unlike other states, lacked large regional population centres. Mount Gambier, with fewer than 25,000 residents, was the state’s second largest city after Adelaide, with a population of 1.1 million. Maternity units generally required in excess of 500 births per annum to remain viable. South Australia’s Aboriginal population also faced challenges gaining access to maternity care and experienced higher rates of antenatal health problems and infant mortality

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