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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Amazon


Business Analyst

Dear Amazon hiring team,

My name is [name] and I am a junior at [university] studying [major] and am applying for a summer position at Amazon as a Business Analyst Intern. The position’s emphasis on improving the overall experience of third-party sellers is appealing to me because it requires a combination of analytical rigor, qualitative research, and scalable solutions. I understand that internal teams collaborate in order to ensure optimum solutions for the clients and additionally, Business Analyst Interns are able to work on multiple projects. The above-mentioned aspects align very well with my career plans. Enclosed you will find my resume.

Professionally, I worked for a [firm], last summer. As a summer associate, I worked on political campaigns as well as with corporate clients. I was able to move between tasks easily—from database creation and legal research, to managing groups of volunteers on a campaign day and handling phone banking efforts. Political consulting is analytically rigorous and requires understanding various metrics and ways to develop strategies and advise clients from them. Further, my coursework has provided me with the tools necessary to measure, analyze, and present data. My work experience, as well as education in [major], has helped me understand the importance of data-informed decisions in achieving business goals.

I also served as news editor for my college’s newspaper, [name]. As a section editor, I worked throughout the week to generate story ideas, organize writers, edit stories, and produce the print pages, amongst other duties. Additionally, I was able to streamline and improve the distribution process of our printed papers by determining where and by what time most had been picked up. Through this and by working with local vendors to place our paper in more prominent locations in their stores, I was able to reorganize our distribution model. The hours required for the job made me efficient in my work and confident in my ability to make serious decisions about how to present topics of importance to a wider audience. The job also required a productive dynamic amongst section teams to ensure the final product was printed and delivered twice a week. This experience has helped me realize my passion for improving processes and user experiences through metrics and relationships with customers and internal teams. I desire to further improve this through the Business Analyst Internship at Amazon, where I would gain the requisite tools and experiences to do so.

Working for a firm that has the unparalleled global reach that Amazon does is an exciting prospect. I believe my analytical approach to tasks, ability to effectively manage groups of people, enthusiasm for creating efficient solutions and improving processes, and ability to quickly and precisely handle complex problems or vague instruction make me a great fit for the Business Analyst Intern position.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Enclosed: Resume

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