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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Amazon


UX designer

Dear Recruiting Manager,

I am writing to apply for the position of UX designer. My interests in User Experience Research grow from my fascination with human judgment and decision-making process. I hope to turn my passion into something that has an impact on the real world by being part of your team.

Aside from all my courses, I also work in a research lab. The work at the lab often involves reaching out to potential participants at 7:30AM in subway stations, calling them up during lunchtime and drawing up preliminary data analysis for another study in the evening. My research experiences have enabled me to prioritize and compartmentalize while working on a large-scale project. I have also learned how to multitask. I believe that my capabilities and experiences will serve me well if I am selected to work on your team.

Moreover, my experience of creating an app with three other students gave me a priceless opportunity to learn the true nature of UX research. In addition to all the skills (e.g., prototyping, usability tests, final coding) that were gained, I learnt to be persistent and solve problems in creative ways. During the development process, my team had a hard time carrying out usability tests since none of us had enough connections with our target users. After emailing numerous local disability organizations without receiving any efficacious responses, I contacted the potential users in a more direct and personal way. Finally, we got some responses and carried out the testing with a respondent successfully.

As a customer, I extremely appreciate Amazon’s reactive design. Thus, I hope to work in your team and develop my ability to react to a customer’s engagement with personalized attention to boost the overall shopping experience. Thank you for your consideration, and I very much look forward to the opportunity to talk with you in person.



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