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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at AmeriCorps


Program Coordinator

Dear Mr. __:

I am writing in reference to the Program Coordinator position (NY-02) listed recently on the AmeriCorps website.

This position appeals to me because of my strong interest in service as a career, assisting to create a positive envi-

ronment for all members of a community. I believe this position would allow me to use the skills I have learned

through my internship and psychology program. In turn, I would gain additional skills as I help develop a strong

program at Save Our Children. Save Our Children’s mission, to serve all children through care, love, and support,

describes exactly the kind of environment I am seeking.

In May 2014, I will graduate from the University of Dayton with my bachelor of science degree in psychology.

Some strengths of mine include being self-motivated, organized, and able to work with a variety of people. As a

psychology student, I am often required to do group projects allowing me to be a part of a productive team. I

enjoy working with people in order to complete a common goal. My internship as a youth care worker gave me

the opportunity to do this with a team of professionals. We often worked in groups to strategize new, more

effective ways to work with each client. This team approach taught me to see things from different perspectives

while learning new ways to help my clients achieve independence and attain goals. In addition, I am able to

successfully maintain a good grade point average while remaining involved as a campus leader. These skills,

combined with my educational background in psychology, make me an ideal candidate for this Program

Coordinator position.

Enclosed please find a current copy of my resume. If you should have any questions regarding how my skills fit

with your organization, please give me a call at ___. I may also be reached by e-mail at

__. Thank you for considering me for this position. I look forward to hearing from you



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