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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at American Express


Finance Analyst

I am interested in securing a position as a Finance Graduate and I hope this letter would provide you with evidence of my motivation and my suitability as a candidate.

I am currently pursuing a master’s degree in Corporate Finance which provides me with the opportunity to critically assess corporate investment decisions and appraise the role of financial accounting in the evaluation of performance indicators across different companies. This experience, combined with my analytical and logical skills, would allow me to take the next step in my professional development.

My previous experience further increased my interest in pursuing a career in finance. As an Intern for the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance, I gained an insight into pricing and valuation, performance analysis and research of various debt instruments. I broadened my knowledge in this field and was able to apply my existing skills in order to identify potential risks relevant to government bonds issues. My internship at Allianz Bank allowed me to combine my decision-making and team-working skills in the context of a fast-paced analytical environment. I gained an in-depth understanding of different aspects of business analysis and evaluation, which further developed my analytical skills and attention to detail. Prior to Allianz Bank, I assumed a client-facing role at Societe Generale where I was able to meet with clients on a regular basis to assess their needs and recommend the correct suite of products. As a result, I improved my face-to-face, written and interpersonal communication skills, which I effectively used as a member of the Credit team at Allianz Bank.

I am passionate about this position because an organisation such as American Express would allow me to apply my existing skills and develop new ones in order to achieve my highest potential in a diverse environment. My research has confirmed that this role would give me exposure to a range of opportunities in an exciting field, which I recognise as the key component for development in a personal and professional aspect. 

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