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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at American Express


MBA LeadershipProgram

I am a second year MBA student at IESE Business School and I would like to be considered for your Strategic Planning analyst position. Born Spanish with Taiwanese roots and living in the UK for more than 6 years has allowed me to develop an open mind that has facilitated the way I establish close relationships with people from different backgrounds and adapt to different environments, hence fit well with the multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural background within American Express.

My professional career has been driven by providing customer oriented technology and innovation. As a business development professional in the Medtech industry, I have developed a high standard in customer service practices. Just as doctors build trust with their patients, my role required to thoroughly build rapport with doctors in order for them to have confidence in the sensitive products I was recommending.

Due to my entrepreneurial soul I led the launch of my former company’s first international office in the UK , and cofounded an internet eHealth startup (www.mediquo.com). These experiences allowed me to develop strong leadership skills and robust relationship management abilities with professionals with different mindsets, such as technical, sales or administrative staff. They also taught me to understand the importance of team work, cooperation and support of our colleagues as an essential asset to achieve any goal.

It also meant that multitasking was my everyday responsibility, including designing and implementing internal process improvements, driving up performance and quality of our offerings or following up on sales forecasts.

I consider myself to be a technically minded but business driven individual who is capable of working in a fast paced and ever changing environment and who is eager to learn from the people surrounding me as well as to keep up to date with the latest innovations and technologies as they emerge.

American Express has clearly been a pioneer in providing innovation towards customer essentials in the financial service industry, hence being a part of this organization will allow me to continue fulfil my passion in innovation and customer experience. With this in mind, I believe that my strong commitment to customer satisfaction, work and team ethics as well as entrepreneurial spirit will allow me to fit well with American Express’ company spirit.

I would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and answer any question on my application.


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