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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Aquafit


Business Internship


July 18, 2016

Human Resources – Linfield College

900 SE Baker Street

McMinnville, OR, United States

Dear Internship Coordinator,

With all the respect you deserve, I am writing this letter to inform you that on May 29, 2016 I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance from Linfield College in Oregon, United States.

Making the decision to get my Finance degree in the United States was the most rewarding experience I had since I got training on my career, culture, norms of the United States, and the international orientation of the business world.

One of my strongest desires is to gain professional experience in your organization; so I am very interested in the Cashier / Receivables Specialist you have listed in the Linfield College Job Link database. Therefore, I am writing to express my strong interest to work at Linfield College and allow me to have the opportunity to apply all the skills and knowledge I have gained in the area of my academic training at Linfield College, and I promise and feel confident that I could contribute my part to the growth of your organization while strengthening the skills I’ll need for my career.

One of the reasons I am applying and requesting to the Cashier / Specialist Job at Linfield College is because I would like to work in the college where I received my degree. I love the area and I love the people who are part of Linfield College. As an international student. I know that getting experience in the United States would be a rewarding experience for the future.

Throughout my time at Linfield College pursuing my Bachelor degree in Finance, I have given the opportunity to put my technical and leadership skills into practice through many group projects we are required to complete each semester. This past and last semester I worked with a group of two classmates in our final thesis project where were created our own Footwear Company. We were in charge of every part of our new organization and I was able to utilize all my Finance, Management and Marketing Skills learned in College.

Outside the classroom, my previous role as circulation desk in Nicholson Library gave me the opportunity to work closely with the library director Mrs. Susan Barnes Whyte, gaining first- hand experience working with students, learning about the data base that Linfield College use as well as reviewing and analyzing the budget of the library. As a lead worker, I have consistently received excellent reviews from my supervisors and staff of the library and I have often been the main responsible for the entire building when my supervisors were gone.

My understanding of important aspects of business such as ethical practices, contracts, teamwork, group leadership, company budget and working with diverse individuals and cultures comes from my studies of business management and Finance. Some of the most impactful courses I have taken related to my career interests have been the strategic management, organizational behavior, financial theory, and international finance.

I am looking for the opportunity to work at Linfield College where I know I will get a better understanding of the operation and management of an organization, while allowing me to contribute my positive attitude, my creativity, enthusiasm and dedication. I appreciate your time and attention to my information, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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