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Sample cover letter for Internship position at AstraZeneca PLC


Pharmaceutical and Analytical Research and Development

24 Mulberry Close



DN41 8EX

Ms Claire Bovey

AstraZeneca PLC

PO Box 32909


SW19 8GA


Dear Ms Bovey,

I am currently a first year undergraduate student at Leeds University. I am studying for an MChem

in Medicinal Chemistry. I am writing to you to apply for the advertised summer placement in the

Pharmaceutical and Analytical Research and Development function at Charnwood, Loughborough. I am

particularly interested in this branch of chemistry and a possible career at a pharmaceutical company.

Throughout my degree course thus far, I have achieved a high level of merit in the laboratory

sections, in particular producing high yields in the organic rotation. These skills are essential and show good

understanding about the strengths, as well as the limitations, of the practical procedures. I have also

obtained excellent grades in the physical laboratory, which has taught me how to analyse data more

suitably, and honed my computer and reporting abilities.

As can be seen from my C.V., I have worked in many different team working situations, taking

leadership roles as well as following the direction of others. I therefore feel confident to express my opinions

were appropriate, whilst still being able to listen to other points of view. I have produced many PowerPoint

presentations throughout my academic career, and feel comfortable relaying them to an audience. This is

without doubt an essential skill when working as part the AstraZeneca team.

AstraZeneca attracts me, above that of any other company, because I believe I share the same

passion for discovery as your company undoubtedly does. I wish to be stimulated on a daily basis by

challenging projects, and by sharing ideas with like-minded people. The idea that your organisation is

constantly growing, transforming and developing into even greater business, and that great investment is

spent on new product research really interests me. I would feel rewarded to spend my future with a

company that endeavours constantly to be fresh and exciting.

I think that the summer placement would be the perfect opportunity for me to get into an industry I

have such a passion for and I hope to be part of supportive environment were my aspirations can become

reality. I feel I have the ambition and the drive to take charge of my future, and would welcome as much

responsibility as possible.

I would be available to work from mid-June through to mid-September, and look forward to hearing

from you in the near future.

Yours sincerely

Ian White

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