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Sample cover letter for Internship position at BAD


old park capital

I am a creative, hard working and enthusiastic young man with a vision to fulfill, and I am currently looking for an internship to put my theoretical knowledge in Practice.

I have a sense of purpose that gives me an awareness of my identity, and a clear understanding on how to make a positive impact in our society by making the difference. I see my purpose as a source of self-motivation, but it needs momentum.

The knowledge that I will get at university will give me the power to understand the world around me better, solve though problems with confidence, come up with new ideas, and challenge what has already been done in order to get better result. What will make me successful at my work place are the application of strong principal and values such as integrity relationship driven, innovation, teamwork and excellence. I'm always committed to promote spirit of understanding, respect of others, and diversity among people. The world is facing deep challenges in terms of the overall business development system. The course that I am undertaking (Business Management), will give me a deep understanding of the business core values, and give me the ability to bring my contribution to improving our business development system.

Being from France, studying in England has opened my eyes in seeing how an international city will benefit me. I'm ready to embrace your company as a place where I will gain a maximum of knowledge that will enhance my current intellectual baggage to reach my career aspirations.

Haris Alao

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