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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at BAIN


Associate Consultant

Dear Recruitment Coordinator

I, Aman Bhatnagar, would like to apply for the post of Associate Consultant in Bain & Company. I believe that I am the right
candidate for Bain because I possess the ability and the passion to provide consistent and outstanding results for Bain. My
skill set suits consulting as a viable career and my philosophy of results matches that of Bain. The fact that Bain possesses
the best work culture and job satisfaction in the world makes it an exciting place to work in.
Consulting is the right career for me because of the diverse range of challenges and problems it offers. It offers ample room
to grow, learn and enhance one’s competencies even further. Working with clients from a diverse range of sectors
regarding a vast range of issues provides one with exposure and experience that is unmatched by any other career path. I have
always believed in pushing myself to the limit to achieve results and fulfill expectations. Consulting is the job which
provides suitable opportunities to do so. Another aspect that I relate with consulting is the importance of people and
communication as one of its basic tenets. Hence, I believe that consulting is the right career option for me due to the promise
of growth, diverse challenges and the stress on people and communication.
Bain with its inimitable record of being the ‘Best firm to work for’ for the past six years makes it an enviable choice for a
place to work in. I connect with Bain’s focus on delivering and implementing results together with the client. Bain also
offers an unparalleled platform for growth as a Bainee and as a future entrepreneur. The passion and enthusiasm during
the pre-placement talk was amazing and reinforced the fact that Bainees share a fun filled work culture and strong
relationships. Further, the tremendous success of Bain India in such a short time presents an excellent opportunity to work
for a company with an established brand name, great performance record and professional expertise.
I am the right candidate for Bain because I possess the relevant qualities like analytical problem solving skills, leadership,
creativity, communication and teamwork. Besides the course curriculum at IIT, my internship at DRDO, Bangalore
enhanced my analytical skills wherein I reduced the computational time of the project tremendously. Throughout my stay at
IIT, I’ve held many positions of high repute and responsibility and have also worked successfully with multiple teams,
ranging from sizes of 3 to 300, both as a member and a leader. I have consistently used the requisite logic and structure for
problem solving and excellence in leadership to drive my team to deliver results. This was especially apparent during the
IIT Delhi Parliamentary Debate venture which became the 3rd largest international debate in India under my leadership. I also
delivered unimaginable results like increasing participation by over 4 times and organizing over a 100 debates in 4 days. I
have always been a creative trendsetter, amply demonstrated by the introduction of the event ‘Online treasure hunt’ which
ultimately became the biggest event during Rendezvous ’08, IIT Delhi’s cultural festival. In addition, my accomplishments in
debating clearly highlight my strong communication skills.
Therefore, I believe I have answered all required aspects and will add value to Bain. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Aman Bhatnagar

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