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Sample cover letter for Internship position at BAIRD


Investment Banking

I am writing this letter to express my interest in an Investment Banking Summer Internship in 2016 at Baird. I am currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Business Administration at [University] in [City], which I will complete in the summer of 2016. After finishing my Bachelor I am planning to continue my studies in September 2016 with a Master in Finance at a top Business School.

I believe that due to my educational and personal experience I would be a suitable candidate for a summer trainee at Baird. Studying Business Administration has given me deep insight into a many fields essential to the financial industry. Economics classes gave me valuable knowledge about how the global economy affects the financial markets, while subjects such as Strategic Management and Management Control taught me how corporations develop and implement their strategies. The very high grades I achieved in mathematical subjects, such as in the Finance I and Statistics courses, testify my mathematical abilities. As I have always known that I want to work in the financial sector, I was relieved that since the beginning of the current semester we are finally able to chose our elective courses, giving me the opportunity to specialize in Finance during my Bachelor. Subjects, such as Financial Derivatives, Corporate Valuation and Corporate Finance, will teach me crucial skills such as valuating companies and understanding the financial markets and the vast amount of financial products it offers.

The reason I chose to study at [University] was their practical approach to teaching, incorporating many real world problems in all of their courses and their focus on team oriented problem solving. Due to the large amount of group projects I have worked on, usually taking up a coordinating role, I can cope with difficult situations within teams and am very used to working through complex problems efficiently with limited time, as it is essential in today’s business world. In addition to this team- oriented approach, the University offers a large variety of extracurricular activities, seminars or courses. As part of the Finance club, I helped to organise many finance related presentations by recruiters and employees of top Investment Banks.

As part of my internships I was already able to gain valuable insights into the financial sector. In 2014 worked for the Australian Investment Bank Macquarie in [City], as a summer intern, within the Special Investments Solutions division. My main responsibilities included researching private equity funds and private companies and analysing them, as well as the creation of excel models as part of the Fund Linked Products team. Previously I already worked for Macquarie in [City] in 2011 as an Intern in Deal Management. These experiences helped me to improve my analytical skills and taught me how to conduct research. In addition to this I have internship experience in online marketing as well as at a Spanish accounting firm

Getting the chance to work for Baird would be a great opportunity for me to further improve my skills, while working for a company that is known for its excellence but also it ́s unique culture. Baird ́s M&A team, especially in the mid market segment enjoys a leading market position. My preference would therefore be a job in the M&A department, but I would certainly consider any other opportunity as well.

Kind Regards, 


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