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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at BCG


Junior Associate

Oan de Waal

Dear Naleshnee Reddy,


So you thought this is just another average cover letter – well you’re wrong. Anybody can learn how to write the “perfect” cover letter and CV, but it takes someone exceptional to understand the company’s diverse culture and break away from the traditional way of doing things.

Doing things the “right” way is not always right. One shouldn’t just be able to think outside the box, but in various and diverse new boxes using some blue-sky thinking.

There are many consulting firms in South Africa, which are good, but not all of them know the key to getting the best out of their employees. Like Mike said, “BCG knows how to have fun” and this is the key. This fun key is extremely important in a company and for continual growth. Looking at the amount that BCG has grown over the last couple of years and flaunting with over 10 500 employees, BCG knows how to perform in the industry.

Unlike other candidates you’re seeing who probably have a theoretical business background, I have proven myself through experience as an on demand part time management consultant. Because of my analytical thinking and insight, I have been requested to consult part time for a banana farm business in Mpumalanga for two year and coordinated several major improvement. Reducing production costs of the bananas by 30% and also improving on the employee efficiency by 25%, the profitability of the farm increased from R210 000 per year to R325 000 per year. I also analysed the current financial state of the company and its worth and made financial recommendations with regards to how the profit should be invested in the farm to further improve the worth. These recommendations are still implemented today.

I am a great fit for BCG as I know how to work hard and have fun. I have the right mindset and experience to become a great consultant, but I am still curious and hungry to learn more. I am not afraid of hard work, as it wasn’t uncommon for me to work 12 hours a day with Ford and thereafter 4 hours a day on my academics. I joined the Ford team to help me improve my negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills. This is proven by the fact that I scored best in the history of the company in my training. I am also determined and driven, which can be seen in my races. I placed 7th in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships in October 2014 in the USA.

Leadership roles are not uncommon either as I have been a leader on the House Committee of House Mopanie at the University of Pretoria. I have lead many people and various events to huge successes, which can only have been done using teamwork. I have also invested in a Toastmasters course to enhance my communication and presentation skills. I even furthered my communication capabilities by studying Spanish as an additional language, which will come in handy for international business later on in life.

I might be taking a small, yet calculated risk, with my unconventional CV, but I have the skills to back it up. I have enjoyed looking over the numerous cases found on the BCG website specifically the logical approach taken when addressing the numerous frameworks. I look forward to the opportunity to be interviewed in order to share more about my experience and skills that I could bring to the company.


Oan de Waal


Great leaders date to be different. They don’t just talk about risk-taking, they actually do it.

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