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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at BCG



All of these roles and responsibilities, other than being the source of definitive experiences, have taught me major life skills. My tenure as the Gymkhana secretary ensured that I honed my conflict resolution and persuasion skills. Quick thinking imbibed from tackling the ever changing needs of the participants of an Asian level event (MUN) along with the tact required to deal with the nitty-gritties of partnering with another organization, and above all ensuring that each and every member of the administration team enjoys and relishes their responsibilities, was a part and parcel of my responsibilities as the Under Secretary General, Administration.

My two major summer internships were a completely different learning experience in itself. I interned at Barclays, India in the summer of 2014 and IBM, India in the summer of 2015. Other than being involved in challenging projects, I got a chance to experience the life in two seemingly varied organizations. While one was an international bank, with major focus on Investment Banking and Wealth Management, the other was an international technological organization reputed for creating and improving the backbones of all our systems and servers. It gave me an opportunity to not only get a sneak into both the financial and technical life, but also understand what both these companies aim to achieve and how they plan to grow in the coming years. In both these organizations, I had a chance to interact with Managing Directors and Vice-Presidents, which helped me appreciate the multitude of factors that needs to be considered while making any seemingly small decision.

I have always lived and liked an active life. Being the daughter . Every new place opened up new opportunities to learn and grow and new people to meet and know.  I want to work for a corporation that can provide me with the same – regular change and new challenges at every point. I want to work for an organization that helps me regularly build and grow my skills, while ensuring that my career never becomes too stagnant or static. I want to work in solving challenges and issues that are novel in every aspect and require the right combination of research and knowledge with common sense. It is for these medley of reasons that I believe consultancy is the right career path for me.

When it comes to consultancies, a few factors that I would always look out for are – diversity both in its employees and its clients, experience in the industry and its reputation in handling fresh hires. And in all these aspects BCG is miles ahead of its competitors. Consequently, I believe the position of Associate at Boston Consulting Group will provide an ideal springboard for my career as a consultant. 

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