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Sample cover letter for Internship position at BCG



It is with great enthusiasm that I submit my application for the position of an Intern at the Boston Consulting Group.

The corporate world is considerably changing at an outstanding rhythm. The world environment has become more sensitive, tricky and vulnerable especially with the acceleration of the economic and social globalization. Internally and externally, businesses are affected by a cut-throat competition and harsh market realities.

These are the reasons why I wake up every morning, constantly pushing myself beyond my limits to design sustainable solutions. Thus, if given the privilege, I would like to share with you the starting point of my career choices.

I recall my second year of university (2012) where my friends and I started Green'Act, which aimed to educate the Senegalese youth and implemented the first waste separation system within a campus in the entire country. It has been the most difficult year of my life, but the most rewarding as well in terms of experiences. Indeed, every night after classes, we were collecting recyclable materials from bins and storing them on the roof of my friend's house. One year later, our efforts paid off as our movement won two international prizes and a cash prize to get registered! Green'Act was no more a youth movement but we switched to a consulting business designing and implementing sustainable solutions for African small and medium social businesses. In August 2015, I was specially selected to be part of the Burkina Faso delegation (as a special envoy) to the 21st Conference of parties (COP21/CMP11) in Paris where I assisted the African Group of Negotiators and led the UNFCCC youth constituency-working group on adaptation and climate finance. This experience is particularly important to me because it allowed me to develop the real leadership values, excel in quantitative and qualitative analysis, hone my negotiating skills and design solutions where the obvious ones have failed. As a young l entrepreneur, I have dealt with various very complex business issues, specifically related to Performance management, financial sustainability, risk management, business intelligence and project management in fast paced environment where Excellence is the only target. The aforesaid position enabled me to work with the brightest business men, and decision makers, while developing unique skills in developing sustainable business development strategies

Today, I am setting my ambitions much higher and the skills that I gained through my leadership experience will enable me to achieve targeted results and better integrate the Boston Consulting Group. As a strategic consulting firm that promotes sustainable development and succeeds where other firms are failing, The Boston Consulting Group represents the perfect place for my career to be taken to the next level by being given the privilege to act as an Intern and pursue my passion for development.

I would be honored to further discuss my interest if given the opportunity.


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