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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Bain &co


Associate consultant


As a 20xx xxxxx master’s graduate from the University of xxxx, I am writing to express my interest in the Associate Consultant position at Bain & Company. I am interested in working at Bain & Company due to the firm’s emphasis on tackling key strategic issues, while maintaining an enjoyable and dynamic culture, a view that was reinforced through my conversation with xxx, an Associate Consultant from the xxxx office. This focus on complex projects across a wide range of industries - from consumer goods to oil and gas - demands multilateral thinking and continuous learning. As an xxxx with a business mindset, I love being challenged and solving complex problems and I believe Bain & Company is the right company in this respect.

My previous training and internship programmes in the xxx and xxxx, including work on due diligence, M&A and strategy projects with firms such as xxx Consulting, xxxx Consulting and xxxxr Strategy Consultants, gave me the opportunity to gain basic consulting skills. Through the aforementioned internships I have developed my ability to synthesize complex data analysis in a clear and simple customer oriented format. Furthermore, they have allowed me to understand the importance of time and task management and, subsequently, allowed me to develop these skills by always meeting tight deadlines. Interning at a boutique consulting company offered me the opportunity to specialize in the TMT sector, by working on 6 projects. I would like to start my consulting career at Bain & Company due to access to more complex projects and intense training programmes.

Throughout my university degree I have developed a strong background in finance, business and engineering. Driven by a desire for excellence, I have obtained the highest first of my college two years in a row. During my degree, I have also been involved in many extra- curricular activities including the xxxx Society, where I acted as President. From this position, I had to work closely with the committee, in setting up its constitution and hosting numerous events, which allowed me to learn the importance of teamwork, cooperation and leadership. I believe my unique combination of rigorous problem solving attitude, engineering-framed approach to business and drive for excellence is best tailored for the challenging and stimulating team-focused environment of Bain & Company.

I would welcome the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications and motivation for working at Bain & Company with you. My CV is enclosed for your review. Thank you for your time and your consideration.


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