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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Bain



Capitalizing on my academic training in IT Management, Sociology, and Actuarial Science and my experiences in problem solving, leadership, and teamwork, I am writing to express my excitement and interest in the Bain Associate Consultant position. At a recent networking event, Ms. Jane Doe shared with me a story of how her team worked together with an automobile client to turn their situation from near bankruptcy to success. Her story resonated with me because, as a student leader in helping to drive changes in education and international development, I am constantly asking myself what success looks like and whether I am making a meaningful impact. I share Bain’s commitment to delivering results and making social impact through changing and improving the performance of businesses.

Based on conversations I have had with nine Bainies and all I have read about the firm, I know that Bain is the firm I want to work for. My analytical and interpersonal skills will make me a valuable asset to Bain’s clients. I believe I can bring the following attributes to the firm:

An Analytical Problem Solver and a Strategic Thinker: My internship experience, coupled with my academic training, has honed my analytical rigor in making data-driven decisions. While interning as a Technology Consultant at PwC, I analyzed cost reports of three clients by developing Excel models and pivot tables. In two months, we worked collaboratively with the clients and increased their profits by 6.5%, or ~$3 million.

A Team Player, an Effective Communicator, and a Confident Speaker: From class projects to case competitions, I have been on 30+ teams as either a leader or an active member. Reflecting on my teamwork and pursuing mentorship have made me an open-minded and flexible collaborator. Experiences such as leading the Toastmasters Club, presenting at TEDx, and pitching to Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary have made me an engaging and confident speaker. Interviewing 100+ individuals across four continents has sharpened my interpersonal skills and made me an empathetic listener who operates effectively across cultures.

An Entrepreneurial Leader who Brings Passion into Action: I founded the Society for Entrepreneurship to establish a network of support for aspiring entrepreneurs. Since its founding, the club has consulted 15+ startup teams, launched two businesses, and created a network of 400+ like-minded people. I am currently collaborating with a team of four to work with the University President to carry out institutional changes to the entrepreneurship climate on campus.

I know I can be a valuable addition to Bain. My résumé is attached, and more is available at (574) xxx-xxxx or abc@ef.com Thank you for your time.



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