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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Bain



Throughout my life, I have endeavoured to learn, which is reflected in my academic record. Scoring just 3 marks less than the AI topper in AISSCE 2012 has driven me to excel and bridge the gap and be the best at all I do. I also participated in ECA activities in school which conributed to my all-round development. As a part of the Students' Council of *******, I learnt to lead and organise.

To gain valuable experience of working in a corporate environment, I undertook an internship at HDFC Bank, the 2nd largest private bank in India. The internship helped me hone my research and analytical skills. Analysing data compiled by CRISIL, I identified potential clients for the Emerging Corporates Group, Corporate Banking Division. Communicating with CFOs of over 100 companies enhanced my communication skills and greatly improved my confidence. The entire organisational experience and the pressure of meeting deadlines imbibed in me Bain's philosphy of "results, not reports".

My tenure as a member of Enactus SRCC has taught me the values of teamwork and innovation. As a core committe member of Project Azmat, I led a 34 member team which directly impacted the lives of 850 people and caused a 437% increase in the monthly income of the target community. I logically scrutinised and deductively reasoned each aspect in detail to identify the demand avenues, which helped me develop a client oriented outlook which is really helpful at Bain, the core philosophy being - investing in the outcome of your work. The level of autonomy and responsibility has been a challenging experience which complements a consultant's job of dealing with high-priority senior clients.

Having learnt what Bain does and having understood its mission, initiatives and work culture, I feel BCC will be an ideal place to start my career with. The supportive environment, continuous training and the chance to network with peers and seniors within the company and clients will give me an immense opportunity to learn and grow. Also, initiatives like 100 cheeks project and the fact that Bain is a carbon neutral organisation makes it easy for me to zero in on BCC as these are very close to my value system. The fact that Bain has widely been rated as the most diverse and inclusive consultancy firm, the philosophy of 'One Bain, no One Bainee', is an incontrovertible reason for joining Bain.

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