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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Barclays


Summer Analyst

Trading is recognised as a fast-paced division. It commands flexibility, the ability to make responsible and profitable decisions in a highly pressured environment and an acute knowledge of market trends. These are qualities that I seek within my career and have already developed relevant skills which I wish to enhance through this placement. Through year 12 & 13, I debated competitively and found myself thriving in the high-pressure situation where you are required to think on your feet. It was invigorating to have seconds to respond to challenges and I honed my ability to do this extensively. By the end of sixth form, my partner & I were ranked 7th in the UK in the ESU MACE competition. This fuelled my passion for working within a fast-paced environment hence motivating me to apply for a role in trading.

Additionally, having done 3 separate internships in EYs advisory practice, I have had extensive experience in a corporate environment. On my most recent 11-week placement, I was assigned to a project which had its deadline pushed forward. It was hugely time pressured and challenging and I found it a rewarding and educational experience as I witnessed the prioritisation of roles that were all essential.

Trading is thus the invigorating challenge which I am ready to undertake. I have specifically chosen Barclays due to their competitiveness in the market which is coupled with a strong sense of corporate responsibility. Their particular focus on the development of the younger generation is something I appreciate as I believe that they truly aim to use their platform to help individuals to fulfil their potential.

With Barclays’ ever-improving position in the international market, I believe it is an exciting time to work there and the platform provided for my professional and personal development will be unparalleled.

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