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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Benefit Costmetics


Marketing Intern

To Whom It May Concern:

Hello, my name is [Name] and I am currently a sophomore at UC Berkeley, studying Business Administration.

I am interested in interning at Benefit because of my passion for marketing, the makeup industry, and Benefit itself. As I currently reside in the Bay Area, I wanted to find a makeup brand with its corporate office around here. I came across a few but decided to apply for Benefit, as I am an avid Benefit user (The “They’re Real!” mascara and Benetint are my holy grail products!). I love the products themselves, as well as the witty names they come with. Furthermore, the Benefit work culture seems to fit me well as I believe in having fun while working hard. I encourage such enthusiasm in my workplace as well as in the clubs I lead. The fast-paced environment at Benefit also suits me because as a student motivated to do many different things at once, juggling my time definitely makes my life very fast-paced, but nevertheless, very meaningful.

I believe that through my past marketing and leadership experiences I can bring a lot to the table as a marketing intern. Marketing is something I am quite familiar with as I am a founder and Vice President of Marketing for Pi Sigma Epsilon, Zeta Chi Chapter, a premier co-ed business fraternity focused on sales, marketing and management. I lead marketing and market research projects, spearhead recruitment every semester, and hold marketing workshops. Through partnering with several clubs and non-profits to lead projects, I will be able to successfully lead campaigns for Benefit and strategically choose the partnerships and promotions to be done. I will also be able to conduct good competitive analysis for Benefit, as competitive analysis is a task I am responsible for for the business fraternity.

I am also the marketing and social media coordinator for the UC Berkeley Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership, not only marketing their events through social media and conducting market research to reach the target audience of the event or program but also leading monthly meetings on branding, marketing strategies and social media. Acquainted with various social media sites, I will be able to increase Benefit’s social media following and strategically post to seize the most views. I am also familiar with branding; therefore, I will be able to help facilitate brand exposure to Benefit’s target audience..

I hope that I can utilize my marketing and leadership skills in this internship to help further increase Benefit’s product sales and further strengthen the already-popular Benefit brand. I will be free June to August 2014 to intern every day, any hour.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing back from you.

Best Regards,


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