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Sample cover letter for Internship position at BlackRock


Spring week

I learned about the BlackRock Insight Program from the Finance Club of my University and I saw the chance to realize my goal: being part of one of the world’s leading financial institutions.

Since I have loved Finance, I searched for a place where my passion and love could be shared and, most of all, pursued. I discovered BlackRock and I began following the company news through the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, which contributed to get me more and more passionate about the firm functions. BlackRock has always been the first ambition concerning my future career, because of his business principles and trading and liquidity strategies. The opportunity to do what I love will make me work hard and do the best that I can, because I feel that this is the perfect career path for me.

Being part of BlackRock is what I want do for my entire life, even if this will take many sacrifices, hard work and dedication. I learn very fast and I have very strong communication skills that, to me, are indispensable to build solid relationships and to approach people. I am a strong believer in teamwork, as an indispensable part of this job, that produces the best results and I am so eager to collaborate with talented and professional employees. My dedication to the firm would be complete, as I think that the intense efforts are one of the key elements that contribute to success.

Even if I am a first year student, I landed two important Summer Internships for 2015: the first one (June – July 2015) will be at XXX, dealing in particularly with investments and portfolio management, while the second one (August – September 2015) will take place at XXX in XXX dealing with Technical Analysis, Equities & FX, Fixed Income (German government bonds and US Treasuries) and Commodities (NYMEX crude oil and gold futures).
Before starting XXX University, I divided my new experience in steps and the first has always been joining BlackRock.

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