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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Bloomberg


Financial Analystics and Sales


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am currently in my penultimate year at uni/course. Studying modules such as corporate finance, accounting and finance and international economics have helped me strengthen my analytical skills and improved my attention to detail. My module choices have provided me with a strong background in methodologies and modelling required to successfully analyse and synthesise important financial information and in preparing documentation to assist organisations when making crucial business decisions. These skills were critical to my successful insight week at Enter firm, and my performance at university. I am extremely comfortable evaluating stocks and bonds (such as valuing the differential growth stock), and am able to calculate investment appraisal techniques such as NPV, PI, DPP, ARR and IRR. I have also taken initiative at enter Uni creating the enter society with a fellow student, which should serve as further testament to my interest in finance.

I am quick to adapt to new environments and enjoy the challenges of doing quantitative, comparative and cash flow analysis in addition to financial modelling and asset valuation. I believe my strengths in these areas would serve me well as an intern on your summer program. My ability to adapt and my determination to overcome the challenges posed by financial analysis has helped exhibit my ability to work with a team, as many of these challenges required a collaborative effort to be successful. This is evident when I was working two jobs, managing a property and studying for a challenging business course all at once.

In addition to my relevant skills, my insight program with Enter firm has given me a genuine interest in finance and the financial industry. Throughout my experience I was introduced to various divisions such as sales and trading, stockbroking, investment management and digital marketing. While at enter firm I shadowed senior members of staff, which helped me obtain a more thorough understanding of the financial markets and how investment management is incorporated into the wider business. Along with this I developed a commercial awareness and an interest in identifying key factors that drive business and financial performance.

This internship will not only provide me with the opportunity to work with high profile clients, but will also allow me to utilise the skills that I have acquired through my studies and work experience. Pursuing a career in finance has been my plan since starting university, particularly at a firm as prestigious as Bloomberg. After researching into your company, I was extremely impressed at your inclusive and diverse working environment which provides all employees the tools for a successful career. I feel I can personally relate my experience to your key company values. Such as:

- Knowing the customer - through researching in depth into your client base

Working hard - as evident when I was working two jobs, managing a property and studying for a challenging business course

Be bold - as evident through my leadership in raising money for a enter charity 

Learning from mistakes - through trail and error of dealing with difficult customer and becoming an expert in resolving on the spot problems.

Collaboration - evident through leading my local football team in becoming champions

Lead by example and do the right thing - as evident through gaining the highest grade in my college course while mentoring and helping fellow students.

Thank you for taking your time in reading this and I hope to hear from you soon. I will be available as of...

King Regards

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