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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Boeing


Business Analyst


With utmost enthusiasm I would like to express my interest in the Business analyst position at Boeing. My interest in linking business with technology has taken me from developing an election voting system using Java to being a lead digital marketer in a startup. I completely believe that my passion for solving logical problems and strong commitment to working sincerely make me an ideal candidate for the position. As a potential candidate I bring both technical knowledge and managerial expertise to the table.

I worked as a Product Evangelist at a startup called . I was one of the keys member of the startup and represented the company during various startup conventions held in India. I had the valuable opportunity to work with reputed angel investors and entrepreneurs for product demonstration and review of product sales. I had to employ trending digital marketing techniques to influence the public to use the product. It was a successful endeavor, a direct result being a huge 30% increase in the product usage in a span of just three months. I also effectively predicted the future level of product usage by performing marketplace analysis.

I enhanced my leadership skills and knowledge about professional work culture during my summer internship at Coca-Cola beverages Pvt.Ltd. I have obtained a valuable experience of learning and understanding data by getting to sort and analyze huge amounts of sales department data. I primarily used PowerPivot feature in Excel to handle the massive volumes of data. I gained substantial knowledge on Excel by working with some renowned data analysts in the state. The two internships gave me extremely high exposure to both Startup and MNC work culture. This will easily make me a perfect fit for work environment at NetAppgiven my attitude to learn new things every day.

Also, in my graduation I had the chance to work on some wonderful projects. In my senior year project, I led a team of three and successfully created a web application that learns and adapts to the interests of the user and suggests articles based on the user’s interests and past readings. The project received the best innovative idea award along with getting nominated for the best project of the year award. The other three projects that I was a part of in my sophomore year and junior year were also highly praised by the college and commended.

During my first semester of masters, I performed system analysis on a sample company, Pharma Care Pvt.Ltd. In due course of the semester, I got experience on using Visio to design business process models, use case and swim lane diagrams for the company. Data flow diagrams using QSEE were designed to illustrate the flow of data across the system. Among various other things, for the contract management system developed for Pharma Care I performed root cause analysis and testing which was appreciated by the professor along with other team members.

Assertive that I would be an outstanding addition to your organization, I enclosed my resume for you to get a better insight on my professional history. I am sure that it is an excellent skill for a Business intern to have both managerial and technical knowledge. Given my technical familiarity from my academics and managerial competency from my internships, I believe I have the talent to talk in both the languages and I am very certain that I would be perfectly apt for the position and the company.

Thank you.

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