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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Boston Scientific


Digital Marketing Analyst


I hope you will consider me a possible candidate for a part time Boston Scientific, Digital Marketing internship starting the summer of 2014. I first learned of the opportunity during a career fair at Boston University’s school of management, and then received further information about it from our career office website. I believe I’m a good fit for the role and for Boston Scientific in general, because I’m able to thrive in high pressure, team environments, am always seeking to improve myself, and can take my own experiences and translate them into an effective plan of action.

A fast paced atmosphere, striking a balance between team and individualized tasks is my perfect working environment. Working in teams has become second nature, and being a useful, intuitive team member is one of many valuable skills XXX's School of Management has instilled within me. I’ve tried to model my time here by the phrase “Always happy, never satisfied,” a quote from a former TA of mine. Keeping that goal that in mind, I’ve sought out various clubs and organizations to complement my academic curricula. Through these experiences I’ve gleamed knowledge in Market analytics, computer programming practices and theories, and insights into the realm of big data - all skills that make me a great candidate for your position.

Even though I’m already completing a duel concentration in marketing and information systems as well as a minor in computer science, I will continue to take classes in both marketing analytics and computer science to further satisfy my passions in both areas. I’m not a person who likes to sit still, and my experience in both the professional and academic worlds has shown me how valuable of an attribute this can be. One does not know stress until they’ve worked in a short order kitchen, incredibly stressful.

This semester is where I’ve accomplished the most growth as both a student and a person. I’ve joined a myriad of clubs, one of which I’ve become a central figure in, and have been helping to coordinate a 10 person team in a startup simulation exercise. I’ve personally been directing the marketing portion of this team, and have thus far moderated multiple focus groups and launched multiple web based, qualtrex surveys.

I hope we have the opportunity to discuss the position further with you, as well as my own qualifiacations. If you have any questions, require additional information, or want to set up an interview please contact me at

Thank you for your time and consideration

name: xxxxx xxxxxxxx

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