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Sample cover letter for Internship position at BuzzFeed


Product Marketing

Dear Ms. Xxxxxxx,

I want to be your next deck assisting, case-study crafting, caffeine dependent, product marketing intern.

I have a bagful of spectacular qualities which would make me the best fit for this position. I'm energetic (after my coffee) and know how to get things done.

During the summer, I helped a group of high school students in building their own app, crafting a business plan and pitching their idea in front of a panel of judges. Some of them didn't even know how to code. But stepping up to a challenge is what I do best. That underdog team got into the finals and now enjoying splitting a $1,000 check.

With my most recent work experience, I encountered a dilemma. The company's client database was a disorganized mess. I racked my brain with ways to improve it. Eventually, I found a CRM service that hit the nail on the head with the company needs, while still sitting comfortably in their price range.

The biggest advantage in hiring me is that I fit right in with the company culture. I enjoy cat gifs and steal food from the snack bar. That last one is probably not the best thing to put on a cover letter. But that just means I get to be Mary Poppins, carrying around a bag full of carbohydrates.

Speaking of carbohydrates, I am the equivalent of a Nature Valley granola bar. Not the most flashy option in the vending machine, but highly recommended by moms everywhere. Similar to a granola bar, I am a great help throughout the day. I thrive in dynamic environments with clear goals and passionate people. Which is to say, hiring me is like getting a high five from your mom.

I look forward to speaking to you more about this position. As well as, reorganizing your marketing material database and bringing @BuzzFeedx back from the grave.


(my name)

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