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Sample cover letter for Internship position at CBS Interactive


Editorial Intern

Whenever I have a moment of free time, I’m online reading about news, music and television. I love learning about current events and hearing different opinions, and I’ve always held a great admiration for the people who bring all this information right to me in a digital format. This is why I was so excited to learn about the CBS Interactive News Editorial Internship.

As both news “junkie” and someone deeply familiar with the online world, I believe I am highly qualified to undertake the reporting, writing and monitoring tasks expected of the news editorial intern. I am excited to learn more about the process of news production and how to present the CBS news product in a compelling and attractive format. The ability to write and design segments that capture the audience’s attention is such an important skill. I can think of no better experience than working with a team that selects and assembles the components of the CBS interactive news and entertainment sites.

I bring a high level of dedication to every task I perform. I’ve had media related internships at a talent agency and at an independent film production company in New York. In both cases, I made significant contributions, in one case by upgrading and digitizing a talent database and in the other by transcribing numerous interviews for the documentary, “Doctored.” I also gained experience in data input, file organization, and interacting with people in a professional manner, whether over the phone or in person. I can be counted on to complete tasks in a timely manner and thrive in a fast-paced learning environment. Furthermore, I have a background in research, writing, and synthesizing information with the end-user in mind through my college courses and extra-curricular activities. My major will be in media studies.

I consider myself a creative person, and online news reporting is appealing to me because it’s the perfect marriage of creativity with real-world, topical relevance. I thrive in a dynamic environment, and would be thrilled to work in a field where there’s constant activity, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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