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Sample cover letter for Internship position at CDM Smith


Summer Intern

CDM Smith

To whom this may concern,

I first heard about your company through a presentation given to a club at Penn State of which I am a part of: Engineers without Borders. What fascinated me the most about the presentation were the projects that CDM Smith got involved in; and, as the CDM Smith representative talked about each project one by one, I couldn't help but think "Wow! I'd really like to do that!" for each of them. One of the biggest reasons I am reaching out to CDM Smith is that I firmly believe in using my engineering skills to help make a better world for tomorrow. I am very much interested in helping the developping world with access to basic needs such as water as well as providing sustainable solutions to the problems encountered in the more developped world.

It is with these interests in mind that I've decided to join Engineers without Borders as a club here at Penn State, and it has been a great experience thus far. I was able to participate in a project which involved the design and testing of a biosand water-filter for use in Sierra Leone, Africa. In addition, the club provided me with the opportunity to volunteer and help families in need of renovations in their homes over spring break. We cleaned, dusted, renewed kitchen appliances, and, finally, the part which I was most involved in: renovated their bathroom entirely from support beams to installing a new bathtub. In only one week, our group of 11 volunteers was able to dramatically change the home and also the homeowner's life. I can say that this spring break was on of the best experiences of my life and I have learned a lot.

I am very interested in all of the areas which CDM Smith deals with and would love to be considered for an internship with your company. As a junior in Mechanical Engineering, I feel like I have developed not only the technical but also organizational skills necessary to be successful in such a task; as well as have the passion to want to make a postive, lasting contribution for both the world and your company. Thank you in advance for your consideration in my credentials and I look forward to hearing back. My contact information details can be found on my resume, attached with this application.


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