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Sample cover letter for Internship position at CIUK


Social Media Intern


Dear person in charge,

I wish to apply for the role ‘CIUK Campus Ambassador’. I found out this role from my email.

Being a committee member in the ‘International Student Association’, I understand the hurdles that international students have to overcome when it comes to getting a job in the UK job market. Due to high amount of competition and lack of opportunities, international students tend to be at the disadvantage end when it comes to applying for jobs. CIUK aims to provide coaching and make job applications easier for international students. I am keen to promote CIUK to international students within my University, in hope to help them resolve their problems when it comes to applying for jobs in the UK. 

I agree with the statement raised by the company, which is’ every student, no matter where they come from, deserves at least one working experience whilst they are studying in the UK’. I strongly believe that all international students deserve an opportunity to gain a work experience in the UK and this would allow them to stand out from the job market. By doing this, they will be able to develop transferable skills and experience the UK’s working culture. In addition, CIUK is the number one career coaching service provider in the UK. 

A good student ambassador needs to be client focus, enthusiastic, have good time management and communication skills. On top of that, I also engage in lots of communities, attend various events and take part in extracurricular activities. I am a treasurer for International Student Association, peer mentor for department of economics, member of the Management and Economic societies. Taking part in all these activities allow me to access to international students, which enables me to promote CIUK’s programmes. I am a client- focus because I would take into account my customer’s needs and wants before providing them with tailored solutions and advice. I had shown myself as a self-motivated and target driven individual during my fundraising activities for a charity called ‘Peaceful Solutions.

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