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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Cambridge Associates


Investment Associate


To Whom It May Concern,

I would like to begin this cover letter by addressing my interest in Cambridge Associates. As a student at Northeastern University, I’ve had the opportunity to complete two 6 month internships. During the search for my second internship, I had the opportunity to interview with CA for a fund analyst position. I was fortunate enough to meet with 6 people on the team, and thoroughly enjoyed my conversations with them. I was even more fortunate to receive an offer for the role shortly after my interviews. However, at that point in time, I had also received another offer from a bank for a role in San Francisco. Through much consideration, I made an extremely tough decision and went for the banking role in San Francisco. Although I have no regrets in my decision, I have many times thought of what could’ve been had I taken the role at Cambridge Associates. Thus, I would like to apply for the Research Investment Associate, Hedge Fund role at CA, and hope to find out what I’ve been missing out on.

Now to address my interest in the Research Investment Associate position, what intrigues me most are the learning and growth opportunities provided within the role. Through my coursework and internships, I have learned that what I enjoy most is dealing with investment securities, markets, and investment strategies. I’ve had small opportunities to work with these categories through my last two internships, but not as much as I wanted. Additionally, I found that I exceled at courses such as Investments or Fixed-Income Securities more as I was much more fascinated with the subject. Therefore, knowing that the Research Investment role would provide me the chance to work with hedge funds, investment strategies, and do quantitative work excites me very much.

As mentioned, I haven’t had the opportunity to work with my areas of interest as much as I wanted. However, through my internships and schoolwork, I have developed many soft and technical skills and built a framework for a career in investments that would make me a great fit for CA:

  • Analyzed portfolio risk, building an understanding of the debt and equities relationship
  • Co-led the implementation of a department-wide solution to track staff competency, taking on leadership roles
  • Acted as a key member in the Advanced Approaches Audit, developing my knowledge of investment portfolios and investing guidelines
  • Presented work and recommendations to senior leadership team, building on my communications and presentation skills
  • Developed swap pricing models to identify arbitrage opportunities within the markets

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

Best Regards,

Quang Tran

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