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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Capital Economics



Currently, I am in my second year studying for a degree in Accounting and Financial Management. I am extremely keen to succeed in the application for the Student Economist Placement role at Capital Economics. I heard about the placement opportunity through the Placements Vacancy Bulletin, advertised by the ********************

One of the key reasons for applying to Capital Economics is the opportunity to work for a company that believes strongly in providing original and insightful research to institutional and corporate clients across the globe, ranging from on the US to Asia. The Wolfson Prize won by Capital Economics, in 2012 inspires me to work at the company as I have the opportunity to learn directly from experienced and highly skilled economists. The analysis of financial markets, commodities and the consumer and property sectors, makes Capital Economics such a dynamic company to work for. I am applying to Capital Economics because I want to be part of a leading macroeconomic research company that actively works on issues which are on the forefront of modern economics. My ultimate ambition is to pursue a career as an economist in the company.

Being a member of the Keynes Society at Eton College, I have actively participated in debates such as, ‘The Future of the UK Economy’; these discussions have strengthened my interest in economic affairs. The small-knit yet global nature of Capital Economics would allow me to make a noticeable contribution alongside developing my economic knowledge in a challenging environment. I particularly enjoy retrieving data for analysis, having had experience of creating queries and reports in my Business Information Management module, which I am keen to develop in the Student Economist Placement. Through my role in Enactus, I have worked closely with businesses, as mentioned in my CV, which has helped me become flexible to constant changes, such as the fluctuations in their popularity based on the analysis of their social media accounts; I enjoy working in a constantly changing environment and therefore, I believe that I will successfully perform in the Student Economist Placement.

I am a diligent individual with a deep interest in economics, which I am excited to explore during my placement at Capital Economics. I believe the skills learnt during my work experiences, positions of responsibility, and most importantly my enthusiasm to learn, would enable me to perform well in the role. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

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