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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Citi


Spring Week

With a large client base which includes corporations, investors, hedge funds, governments and high-net-worth individuals, Citi is a leader in providing the most sophisticated solutions to their clients. Not only will Citi provide me with an environment where I will be able to achieve my highest potential, but it will also enable me to build essential relationships with clients and colleagues. By shadowing people and participating in numerous presentations, as well as interactive sessions, I will truly experience firsthand what it is like to work in Sales & Trading at Citi.

During the summer, I completed an internship at Allianz where I helped increase sales by persistent cold-calling and relying on my negotiation skills in order to arrange appointments with potential clients. I also had the responsibility to research each corporate client before meetings in order to suggest which financial strategy in terms of fixed income, absolute return and emerging markets would develop their investment portfolios the most. During my academic year as a Mathematics student, I was chosen to represent the student voice by attending meetings in the Student Council and Academic Board, and proposing solutions to issues raised by students. This resulted in successfully convincing the College to remove all fees related to re-sitting exams or assessments. Moreover, being part of the King’s Investment Banking Society allowed me to participate in various events including a Morgan Stanley M&A case competition where my team won 3rd place by researching potential acquisitions for Google in order to create synergies and grow market share. We based our research on recent financial news and analysis of net profit margins. I have also attended a Goldman Sachs trading competition where I established a plan on how each member of my team should complete a specific task based on their financial background and we jointly partook in the decision-making process of buying and selling oil by using CFDs. The event sparked my interest in the financial markets which resulted in building my own stock portfolio on Google Finance where on some stocks, I have returns of approximately 105%. At a seminar led by City Trading & Investment, I was introduced to the methods of measuring volatility of equities in the short term by using benchmark indices such as VIX.

Considering my passion for the financial markets and my experience at Allianz, as well as my involvement in university, I believe that I am a particularly good fit for a position on your Citi Quest Programme.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you and learn more about Citi at your earliest convenience. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

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