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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Core Training


Sports Marketing

To Core Athletic Training,

I am highly interested in the Sports Marketing Internship position. I believe developing children’s character through sports is the best way. I highly agree that sports are one of the best ways to increase self-confidence, improve athletic and social skills, and strengthen essential values. I would love to be part of the team who are able to help these children.

Growing up, I believe I am the person today because of my dad. He showed me the world of sports. I grew up watching all types of sports and was involved in most team activities. I love playing basketball and football. A sport, to me teaches kids so many things like cooperation and leadership. I grew as a leader as I swam in high school and became a captain. I also won back-to-back sportsmanship awards, which identifies myself as a great team player.

Back in high school, I started my own company with a friend. While he focused on the designs, I focused on the business side. I was able to contact sponsors to help us build our company’s reputation. I handled all the marketing and advertisement, which I loved. From the company, I was able to pick up skills on Photoshop to design some clothes as well as excel to handle the business side. From this experience, I considered majoring in business. I wanted to combine a business degree with my passion for sports. This position suites me perfectly.

Based on my resume, CORE may notice I am not pursing a business degree currently. I have considered a business degree or even double majoring, but as of right now, I want to help the world in any way I can. With my earth system science degree, I want to go into environmental consulting. Environmental consulting would be a combination of business and helping the world, which is what I enjoy.

I hope CORE can see how suitable I am for this position even if my degree and resume does not show it. I know this position greatly suites me, and I will do my best to perform well for CORE. I believe CORE’s goals, and I want to make it happen as well.


Bryant Phung

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