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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Corus Entertainemnt


Marketing intern

Dear Corus Intern Recruiting Team,

Corus’s growth-oriented vision of global market domination is exemplified through its diverse and strategically synergized asset portfolio. Corus proudly helps build and empower the Canadian entertainment industry with its dedication to its core values, making it no wonder that it provides the highest quality programming, products and services. My diverse range of business knowledge, variety of experiences in both television and animation production, and creative problem–solving skills will enable me to effectively identify and analyze business needs and opportunities. Given the opportunity, I believe that the aforementioned skills, coupled with my abilities to take initiative and work in a team will allow me to thrive in, and contribute to, Corus’s innovative environment.

Last summer, I worked as a production assistant at 9Story Entertainment (9Story), an animation production company. I worked closely with a team of six on a new hybrid series, which incorporated both animation and live footage. Due to the infancy of the hybrid show, the company had little experience dealing with the complex communication processes necessary to connect the live production studio with the animators. When issues of disorganization and ineffective communication arose, I developed and implemented an online organizational system allowing the production studio and animators to more easily communicate and share ideas, resulting in improved efficiency.

Prior to working at 9Story, I interned at ICF Films (ICF), a television production company. I spent three summers at ICF rotating through various positions including accounting, production coordination and research. During my time at ICF the production was in transition between two of its TV productions. When this transition caused a shortage of staff, I was given the opportunity to take initiative and step into different roles to help out wherever needed. I was able to learn quickly and adapt to new roles. This allowed me to demonstrate my creativity and problem solving skills, utilizing them to increase efficiency, while also acquiring knowledge at all levels of the business.

If given the opportunity, I believe that my knowledge, experience, and keen interest in the entertainment industry will allow me to successfully identify needs within the business and provide creative insight to exploiting these needs and opportunities. I would love to meet with you to discuss my qualifications and the position in greater detail. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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