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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Credit Suisse


Investment Banking Division

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a third year student in the B.Tech in Metallurgy and Material Sciences Engg at National Institute

of Technology, Jamshedpur. I am writing this letter to apply for the 2016 Summer Internship in the

Investment Banking Division at Credit Suisse. I am really passionate about Finance, I have been

practising my skills with stock markets trying to gain knowledge of value investing strategies.

Furthermore over the last couple of years, through experiences at various companies, Ihave

understood that I would fit in Investment Banking.

I believe my analytical abilities, learnt through various coursesand personal skills, developed in

various experiences (from tutoring to sports activities) would allow me to add value to the Division

and create a wide network of interpersonal relationships that I consider fundamental in the building

process of a successful career. I learned the importance of meritocracy through my real-life

experiences, and strongly believe in it as the leading value for any society that wants to grow and

improve continuously. I am very determined and self-confident person but, I work with focus on

group dynamics, considering teamwork also as a knowledge-sharing experience that can improve

individual practices.

I am sure working at Credit Suisse would mean an opportunity to further develop my abilities and

skills while having fun in a unique stimulating environment. I believe that the predisposition of Credit

Suisse in creating stable and lasting relationships with their customers and in pursuing an investment

policy sustainable in the long run denotes a wise forward-looking sight in this market scenario. Also it

is well known that Credit Suisse is a leading innovator firm in the financial sector and still today is

able to anticipate its competitors in identifying the main drivers of economy.

For all the reasons I explained, I believe I am a very motivated candidate for this experience in the IB

division at Credit Suisse. I am willing to dedicate all my abilities to it, hopefully beginning with this

program what could be a long lasting partnership.

Thank you for your time and for considering my application.

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