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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Credit Suisse


Spring Intern

I am ABC and I am currently studying first year of BSc (Econ) Economics at KCL. With utmost enthusiasm, I would like to express my interest in the Division Spring Internships. A copy of my curriculum vitae is attached for your reference.

I have a huge passion for markets and the financial world which stems from a participation in the UK Investment Banking Series M&A Challenge. Through the competition I acquired M&A valuation skills such as DCF analysis and valuation multiples. Acting as an analyst towards the acquisition deal gave me a good grasp of the job scope of an investment banker and it continues to fascinate me. Besides, having gone through high-intensity training and competency evaluation in attaining the King Scout accreditation had made me a highly-motivated and self-driven person. At the same time, to balance the daunting nature of the accreditation while maintaining academic excellence also cultivated multitasking with good time-management skills in me. In addition, being a managing director and working closely with my fellow colleague to run a business allowed me to develop leadership, communication and interpersonal skills. Liaising with corporate sponsors improved my negotiation ability and also having to protect shareholders’ interest made me a goal-oriented person through constantly monitoring company’s sales.

My devotion for the Investment Banking division came from my desire to make a mark in the world. The value added and the impact investment bank creates through underwriting M&A deals for example never ceases to amaze me. The steep learning curve involved matches my personal strive for excellence and working around smart and talented people would challenge myself to do more than me capable of.

I am genuinely attracted by the work culture of Goldman Sachs. As evident by Goldman Sachs constantly awarded for inclusion of underrepresented minorities and the employee affinity networks, your principle of diversity and inclusion bringing in the brightest minds without prejudice has deeply inspired me. That is in line with my innate passion to meet and work with people of strong work ethics from diverse backgrounds. I am also impressed by the organizational structure which comprises a culture of mentorships for the junior staffs. The fact that junior staffs are given ample responsibilities make me see that I can make an impact early on in my career. I strongly believe that Goldman Sachs is the best place to kick-start a career in banking by virtue of its culture of excellence and success, utmost professionalism and well-deserved reputation.

I greatly appreciate for your time and consideration for my application. I look forward to make valuable addition and contributing my skills to your company. I welcome an opportunity to speak with you to learn more about [company name] at your earliest convenience. I am contactable at 1234567or via e-mail at abc@mmail.com

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