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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at DSP



I am a second year business student at San Jose State University, and am writing to express my interest in your prestigious fraternity. I firmly believe I have the determination, drive, energy, and work ethic to be a part of your brotherhood for the remainder of college and the rest of my life. I am applying for your fraternity, because I have witnessed and can relate to the professionalism, respectability, confidence, and commitment to business that all the members demonstrate.

For the past two summers, I have worked at a local community pool. Along with being a lifeguard, there was a business aspect to my job as well. Before I came, the pool office was cluttered and untidy. I looked over and organized all checks given to the pool for party/membership requests. I categorized and filed different papers including; membership, membership termination, lost keys, party requests, special needs requests, chlorine and PH levels. I also scheduled and helped plan parties with the members of the pool to make it as convenient as I could for them, showing I have good relations with my associates.

In my sophomore and junior year of high school, I voluntarily worked in a program known as “internetting family” to give back to the community. Our goal was to assist the elderly at the senior citizen center with computers. We partnered with a group of four to five senior citizens at a time teaching them the basics of computers demonstrating our leadership skills. Our program was so effective, we were not only commended by the people we worked with, but also by the city of Fremont, making it onto the Tri-City Voice Newspaper.

As a result of my work experience I know I have the social etiquette, responsibility, organizational skills, and leadership traits that your fraternity desires. As a current business student at San Jose State University, I understand that a membership with DSP will help me tremendously and further my growth exponentially. I am excited for this opportunity and am grateful for your consideration. Thank you for your time. 

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