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Sample cover letter for Internship position at De Line Pictures



Dear x, I am applying for the internship position of script development as advertised through the MyUCLA Internship listings. I am nearly finished with my second year at UCLA, and my coursework has greatly increased my knowledge about the film industry and screenwriting in particular, making me an excellent candidate for this position. 

Through my Screenwriting class, I was able to learn the fundamentals of how screenplays are structured and what makes a movie work. I also read Blake Synder’s Save the Cat!, a great book on screenwriting. The Overview of Contemporary Film Industries class I took introduced me to the business involved in the making of films and I was especially interested in the development and production side of things and learned about the role of marketing, talent agencies, and of the several different revenue streams that contribute to a film’s financial success. I also learned how to write Coverage Reports and completed one for an assignment. I believe that these experiences will enable me to fulfill the duties of the internship successfully. 

My experiences as a Peer Mentor, installation assistant for The Miniblind Company, and previous volunteer work at the Red Cross has helped developed my interpersonal skills and given me a lot of experience for working with people of all ages, backgrounds, attitudes and mindsets. Being a part of the IDEAL Leader’s Association has bestowed upon me several responsibilities that have made me more confident in leadership roles. I believe that I can be an energetic, responsible, and hard-working intern at De Line Pictures. I am available for an interview to provide more information at your convenience, and I can be reached at x. 

Thank you.

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