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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Dehkhoda




I first travelled to Iran with my father in the summer of 2010. Since then, I have always been fascinated by the culture and the history of the country. During these years I made an effort to enhance and refine my knowledge of Iran, concentrating on topics such as history and architecture. However, I realized that in order to take this knowledge to the next step learning the language is a necessary and fundamental condition. Only by learning Farsi I will be able to fully appreciate the poetry, the literature and more essentially the culture of the country.

Last spring/summer I had the opportunity to spend three months in Tehran while interning at UNODC (United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime). I exploited my time in Iran in order to learn and practice Farsi. However, Farsi is a very rich and fascinating language and I wish to further my knowledge of it.

My intended career plan is that of becoming a diplomat. Specifically, I will strive in order to work in Iran. I strongly believe that the main purpose of diplomacy is not that of administrating formal relations among countries but instead that of promoting a broad dialogue among different cultures and people. Because of this belief of mine I want to further my knowledge of Iran, its history and its culture. Learning Farsi is therefore an essential and necessary step in order for me to accomplish this long-term goal, as well as my professional and personal aspirations.

I believe that the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute is the ideal place where I could improve my Farsi. That is why I wish to attend an intensive language course at the Dehkhoda Lexicon Institute during the term running from 29 August 2015 to 7 October 2015. 

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