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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Deloitte


Business Technology Analyst

123 College Place
Syracuse, NY 13244
October 25, 20XX

Ms. Judy Brown
Professional Recruiter
Union American Bank
One Freedom Plaza, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19XXX

Dear Ms. Brown:

I'm writing in response to the recruitment announcement you posted on OrangeLink through Syracuse University's Center for Career Services, wherein you outlined opportunities in the consumer banking section. Thanks to articles in American Banker, The Philadelphia Enquirer, and Delaware Valley Today, I am well aware of the reputation you've earned for customer-responsive financial services throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. The prospect of joining such a team makes me particularly interested in pursuing your announcement at this time. I believe that I will bring a solid foundation and great potential to Union American!

My studies in History and Management at Syracuse University have prepared me for the future. Specific courses in Accounting, Money & Banking, Marketing and Statistics should help me enormously to master the training you outlined in the announcement. I'm certain that the research, writing and class presentations featured in so many of my History classes will make me a solid critical thinker and communicator. Thanks to your announcement and research I've conducted on careers in banking, I know that these studies and capabilities are sought in today's banking industry.

My career research has also indicated where aspects of my work experiences and activities should afford me an advantage. As a peer advisor and retail sales associate, I've enjoyed helping people make personal decisions, something I'll look forward to doing again in consumer banking. As a camp counselor and committee chairperson for my sorority, I've also strengthened my time and resource management abilities while building and participating in teams. Working in a team setting at a branch bank should really be fun! All in all, I'm convinced that my background is ideally suited for the consumer banking field!

Naturally, I would welcome an interview to expand on the qualifications I've outlined in the enclosed resume. At your convenience, I can schedule either a visit to Philadelphia or a phone interview to start the selection process. Should you prefer the latter, my number is (315) 421-2020. Thank you for your attention and consideration of my credentials.
Sarah Johnson

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