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Sample cover letter for Full Time position at Deloitte



have worked as a manager and waiter at a restaurant and ensuring customer/client satisfaction was imperative. When we had unsatisfied customers, for example, the quality of food, I would let them explain, ascertain the problem and find an appropriate solution. If the food was not up to their standards, I would apologise on the kitchens behalf and order a new dish (on the house) that was tailored to the customer’s requirement.

This is because ensuring customer satisfaction is important as they represent our client base. They are the leading indicator of consumer repurchase intentions and loyalty. This type of service, in-turn will spread by word-of-mouth and attract further customers as a form of advertising. By maximising the customer’s satisfaction, it gives a point of differentiation as the restaurant industry is very competitive and is important to stand out in one’s mind; especially when they decide where to eat. Thus, they are more likely to remember the places they have been most satisfied and pleased with.

Not only does one party benefit from customer satisfaction, but both customers and restaurants. This is because it passes a positive and vibrant atmosphere when you know you are doing well. This in-turns, motivates the kitchen and front-of-house staff as we know we are doing a good job and the satisfaction passes onto us. Thus, we ensure the customer is satisfied no matter what. 

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