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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte


Assurance Intern

Dear Ms Richards

I am writing in response to the recent vacancy for your company, that was advertised

on the xxx. I wish to apply for the post of xxx with yyy.

As you will see from my resume, I am a recent graduate from Trinity College Dublin, where I studied Management Science and Information Systems Studies. I have developed strong analytical and quantitative skills through coursework in statistics, computer science, and mathematical courses. In addition, my hands-on experience in various internships and student leadership positions supports my qualifications as an xxx.

My internships with Digicel and the London Metal Exchange convinced me that I have the personality and qualities necessary to be a successful business analyst, and I am keen to pursue a career in the consultancy sector, as I believe it will give me exposure to, and involvement with, a variety of different organizations. From my research of the industry, I know that you value breadth of experience and encourage your analysts’ involvement with all stages of a project. The opportunity to see a project from conception to conclusion appeals enormously to me.

At Trinity, I demonstrated leadership ability by serving as the elected chairperson for a recreation society with over six hundred active members. In this effort, I honed my ability to make good decisions, plan and organize my time, work well on a team, and have developed sound interpersonal, oral, and written communications skills. Finally, I bring an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity to this position, throughout school I was able to fund myself from various projects.

I would like to work in an environment where the pressures and rewards are immediate, and I am applying to yyy because it is an expanding firm with a good reputation for both training and rewarding its employees. I feel confident that I can meet the challenges presented by such a fast-moving business.

Thank you for your time in reading this as I appreciate you must be busy. I would enjoy the chance to learn more about this role and to discuss my suitability to it.



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