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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte


Business Analyst

Director of Human Resources

Deloitte Consulting

2901 N Central Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85012

Dear Recruiter:

It is a pleasure to write to you and express my interest in the Business Analyst post offered by Deloitte Consulting. In December 2016, I will be graduating with a Master’s in Management Information Systems (MIS) and a concentration in Business Intelligence from the Eller College of Management. My experience here has enabled me to gain a strong understanding of the demands and challenges of the business world and how to cope with these challenges.

I have always enjoyed studying organizational structure and development, and feel that my experiences both inside and outside the classroom will enable me to succeed in applying my skills at a much higher level. As part of my coursework, I have earned a certification in Business Intelligence and Analytics, an integrative curriculum which exposes its participants to the set of techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. I am confident that after graduating from Eller College of Management, I am ready to enable change and make a difference at Deloitte Consulting.

Deloitte Consulting attracts me because of the variety offered within your training scheme. It would provide me experience in a number of different aspects of management consultancy therefore enabling me to gain a true insight into the role. The quality and support of training available within your organization, as shown by your Investors in People award, is also of paramount importance to me. I strongly believe that management consultancy offers the breadth of opportunities and experiences which I need to continue my development.

The enclosed resume highlights my experience, training and professional qualifications and skills which include:

Strong analytical skills: Throughout my educational career, I have easily understood and solved technical problems. The rigorous curriculum here at Eller has further developed my analytical skills.

Excellent interpersonal skills & teamwork: I have spent my career leading by influence. I have done this by convincing myteammates of my credibility and earning trust through superb listening and communication skills.

Organizational skills: My experience here at the Eller College of Management has taught me how to achieve the balance between control and flexibility.

I feel that the combination of my academic and professional experiences qualify me for consideration of the Business Analyst position at Deloitte Consulting. I welcome the opportunity to further discuss with you how my skills and experiences align well to your current needs. 



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