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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte


Human Capital Senior Consultant

Dear Ms. Monahan,

It was a nice talking with you on the Deloitte Human Capital Consulting Information Session at Johnson. Per mentioned, I am a first year xxx MBA student. Before MBA, I had six years working experience in HR, both in corporate and in human capital consulting. My last job was consulting manager in Aon Hewitt to help hi-tech companies on organization performance and effectiveness. From the past six years focus on human capital, I am passionate about the topics and felt strong sense of achievement when the client success under the talent strategy I proposed. This led me to pursue an MBA degree to further enhance my business knowledge to provide more business oriented solution to clients. It also showed me why Deloitte is a fit.

Deloitte resonated with me in three aspects. First is the culture. Whirlpool is my mother’s favorite brand. Every time we went to the appliances store my mother said to me with a smile that Whirlpool has the best quality. Therefore, I would like to work for a company that my mother is proud of. Second is the culture. In all my conversations with Whirlpool staff I felt the humbleness and willingness to share radiating from each of them. And Scarlet Xie also told me how much support she gained from the colleagues on her summer project. These make me feel that Whirlpool is not only a company but also a community, which is exactly the culture I am seeking for. Third is Whirlpool’s driving for innovation that matters. As a person who worked in hi-tech industry, I am also exciting about innovation and more than happy to contribute my experiences and skills to innovations that make real impacts on my daily life.

My experiences and knowledge are perfectly tailored for Whirlpool HRLDP. Prior to MBA study, I had six years working experience in HR, starting from a rotational HR program in Philips and ending as a rewards expert at Radford. The combination of industry and consulting experiences and the mix of generalist and expert roles provided me with a solid HR foundation. Meanwhile, the courses of MBA program equip me with essential business knowledge to support company growth from the HR perspective. Therefore, I believe my knowledge in combination with HR expertise will add significant value to Whirlpool.

I have developed my communication and influence skills from past projects. As a consultant, I had to convince difference stakeholders to work toward a singular goal. In a recent project, I used a clear, concise message and data driven recommendations to convince the CEO of China largest state-owned telecommunication company to approve a change driving performance driven culture. Those skills will also benefit me in my future work in Whirlpool.

Life is experience in moments that matter. For the past centuries, Whirlpool is always trying best to help people make the most of time so they can focus on what really matters – their families and their lives. This is a meaningful and exciting journey. I hope I can leverage my experiences, strengths and passion to make people’s life more meaningful together with Whirlpool.

Thank you for your time. Look forward for hearing from you.



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