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Sample cover letter for Internship position at Deloitte



To whom it may concern,

As a recent college graduate, beginning my job search has been a daunting task. On the surface, I don’t have tested skills or industry knowledge. After a few moments of reflecting on my past successes, I saw my personal dichotomy of lacking specific knowledge and certain ‘soft’ skills as an advantage.

A valid concern for a potential employer is the initial training period before an employee can add value. To that end, I have been swiftly effective working in a new industry in the past. After only one month at Tax Inc., I became a proficient at filing taxes, filing even the most complex tax returns as well as being a bastion of knowledge for my fellow interns. Additionally, I am quantifiably bright, scoring a 167 on the LSAT, the 94th percentile. I attribute my success to my self-discipline of self–prepping for the LSAT. This in turn will ensure that I will not be dependent on a mentor for long, but can and will invest the time to thoroughly learn the fundamentals. If, I could find someone willing to guide me through the initial few months, the sky will be my limit.

I am confident that I have quality soft skills and can learn the analytical toolbox necessary for the any field. I look forward to joining a company that shares my values and passion for excellence.


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